Wendi Huestis MBA

Chief Advancement Officer Worldreader at Yen Philanthropic Capital

Wendi Huestis started learning piano at age 4 and began teaching music for a Yamaha technology music company from age 12-18. She played at weddings, performances, competitions, and always for herself. She currently plays ukulele, clavinova, dulcimer, and banjolele and has been studying clarinet, violin, and cello along with a few DJ and drum lessons.

She is proud to join MusicBreed’s Board of Directors knowing that at any age, learning music improves resilience, brain cognition and creating new neural pathways; whereas, playing music demonstrates spiritedness that cannot be expressed by words alone. Music – even in its silent pauses – has an invisible touch. Certain instruments, musical styles, lyrics or bands may bring you healing – others may cause intense grief – either way, different pieces become soundtracks to various parts of your life.

In her non-music life, Wendi has worked at NGOs for over 20 years focusing on fundraising with economically-disadvantaged communities, ensuring young adults have access to education, life skills, employment, and financial literacy skills to start their own businesses. She was a co-founder and served on the board of S.A.M., an organization that provided medical supplies for pediatric hospitals in La Paz.

Wendi was born in Japan, raised on a dairy farm in Vermont, studied in France, volunteered in Bolivia, worked in the Czech Republic, has traveled to 60 countries, and lives in Manhattan with her family. Wendi graduated with both her BA and MBA from Cornell University.

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