MusicBreeds Partners With “Oiid” to Bring Students a New Form of Technology

We are excited to announce that MusicBreeds has joined forces with “Oiid” – a premium music platform that allows fans to step inside their favorite songs in interactive ways. Oiid is paving the way for artists to engage their fans in a new and inspiring way by allowing them to step inside the music as if they are in the studio creating with their favorite artists.

This is an amazing opportunity to bring our students’ music to life in such an interactive way for everyone to be apart of. MusicBreeds is extremely fortunate to be apart of such an evolutionary concept. We create music so the world to be apart of the journey. Oiid has made that journey a reality for everyone to experience. Our students will gain valuable knowledge and opportunities through this partnership! Gisle is the best!

You can expect the official roll out in the upcoming months in association with MusicBreeds’ new virtual learning initiative! The app can also be downloaded on IOS and Android platforms! See you there!