MusicBreeds’ Treble Univ Summer Program Starts July 5, 2021!

MusicBreeds’ Treble University is a six week music camp for ages 11-15 where students learn music basics, songwriting, and performance through lessons, activities, and games. Our camp runs July 5th-August 12th at our group’s Massapequa based state-of-the-art recording studio and learning center. Students will have access to state-of-the-art recording equipment, editing tools, and talented and knowledgeable instructors. 

Music Basics Camp – July 5-15
Students will learn about all facets of music, including theory, performance, and history through group activities and instruction. Rhythmic chanting and body percussion, sing-along with solfege and song forms, and game show style music challenges are just some of our exciting activities. Throughout the camp, students will gain the fundamentals to begin songwriting while they learn how to lessen performance jitters.

Songwriting Camp – July 19-29

Students will learn the basics of composing a song, including how to construct a melody, create a beat, and write lyrics. Music theory and performance techniques will also be taught through activities and games. At the conclusion of this camp, each student will create an original song.

Performance Camp – August 2-12

Students will learn a variety of stage performance skills on their chosen instrument, including how to excel in school ensembles and in their own professional endeavors. They will engage in fun group activities and challenges, such as sing-offs and battle of the bands that will take their performance abilities and techniques to new heights. At the end of the session, each camper will leave with the tools for success on any stage.