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Summer Creator's Camp

Our Summer Creator’s Camp offers an innovative, high quality curriculum led by diverse music experts and staff. We provide a unique learning structure that drives our students’ musical discovery, interpersonal communication, and collaboration abilities. Our students will enjoy a summer of creating and sharing music while making lasting relationships with fellow young musicians.

Summer Sessions


Grammy Production Techniques

Contemporary music production integrates many different techniques, such as sampling, loops, MIDI, and live recording. In this course, students will build their creative toolboxes and polish up their own work using industry-standard tools for music creation.

Influencer Fundamentals

To become a music industry powerhouse, you have to know how to market yourself. Students will learn the business side of being a musician. Through this course, students will learn tips and tricks to ensure their success in music and in life.

Sound Design for Cinema

Music is an important tool used in today’s cinema landscape. It creates emotion, depth, and adds more color to a story. Students will gain insight on how to enhance a scene through music by utilizing musical techniques and the industry’s best technology.


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July 2023

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November 29th

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