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Your support helps educate and develop the next generation of musicians.

Join our community of donors, who are helping educate, inspire, and mentor young musicians

from under-resourced communities.


$0.50 a day provides monthly music lessons for two students.


$1.00/day provides support to both in-school and after-school music programs.


$1.50/day provides instruments and production equipment for two students.


$3.00/day supports student apprenticeship programs.

Bring Harmony to Music Education:
Join Our Community of Donors

Students who participate in music score 23 points higher than average in math on the SAT.

At MusicBreeds, our mission is simple: inspire, empower and mentor young musicians from disadvantaged communities. Your financial support helps foster musical development, while preparing them for the next steps in their academic and professional lives.

“I’ve had an extremely positive experience with this organization. I can’t praise it enough. It’s well run, and the programs for youth are top notch. What more could you want for your young kids who want to be musicians?” 

– A Valued Client

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