Chantal Dembo

Community Outreach Coordinator

Chantal is the Community Outreach Coordinator for MusicBreeds. She is devoted to community engagement, advocacy, and volunteer initiatives. With her background in music education and nonprofit management, MusicBreeds’ mission to inspire, empower, and mentor young musicians is deeply entwined with her own personal pursuits.

Her passion for music developed from a young age when she began playing the violin at age seven. As a certified Suzuki violin teacher, Chantal has taught Long Island students the violin for 23 years, developing students’ knowledge, self-confidence, skill mastery, and musicianship. She firmly believes that musical talent is something that can be nurtured and developed and that access to music education can profoundly affect a child’s self-awareness, character development, discipline, and overall success.

Chantal holds a SUNY B.S. degree in Business Management and Suzuki Method Certifications. In 2020, she was honored with a Distinguished Service Award for her advocacy for children’s welfare. Her years of experience have taught her that every individual perspective has value and that we all thrive best in an atmosphere of inclusiveness, strong interpersonal communication, and team synergy. She leads with patience, empathy, and a genuine passion for empowering young people, encouraging them to challenge themselves and strive to meet new goals.

Music is the universal language and has the ability to shape the hearts and minds of all citizens. As music education becomes more accessible, it has the power to break down barriers and revolutionize how the world listens.

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