Judith Montauban

Support Services Coordinator

Judith Montauban possesses over 15 years of dedicated experience within the nonprofit sector on Long Island. Specializing in empowering organizations to unlock their full potential, Judith excels in devising effective leadership strategies, driving community engagement, and delivering transformative training.

As a seasoned nonprofit professional, Judith Montauban brings a wealth of expertise to every endeavor. Drawing from a strong foundation cultivated over years of professional, personal, and educational pursuits, she excels in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and fostering professional development within organizations.

Beyond her professional and personal pursuits, Judith has consistently led the charge in spearheading initiatives and missions aimed at advancing social justice, health equity, and community well-being. Her impact extends from local to regional and national levels, creating a legacy of positive change. she continues to shape a future characterized by empowered leadership, thriving communities, and lasting impact.

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